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ROOTS Center is a concept of a center specialized in health and sports. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions for the objectives of our users from different fields: physiotherapy, osteopathy, personalized training and nutrition.

The lack of accurate information and ignorance about our own body often lead us to the worst approach to pain, injury, objective or adverse situation... which is to think that there is no solution and that we have to live with this situation, with no possibility of change and that the only remedy is to get used to it.

This is how ROOTS was born, as an integral health solution that provides an effective response to any physical need of the person.


Know your goal, lifestyle habits and previous experiences. This is a necessary process in order to meet your sporting or health needs.

Performing a series of tests is the second step that will allow us to establish a starting point, set a goal and establish a period of time to achieve it, a necessary process in order to meet your sporting or health needs.

With the above analysis and in a mutual way, we draw up a tailor-made work plan to make achieving your goal a safe and efficient way.


Our training philosophy is based on the development of a person's health in an integral way, strengthening the basic aspects to improve the physical condition and health of each person.

Each service meets a specific objective, with a choice between, with a choice between, with a choice between personal training, personalised group training or the service of sports planning.

All ROOTS Center trainers are graduates in physical activity and sports sciences and specialised in different health and sports performance disciplines, updated in training methodology, techniques and equipment.


Specialisation is fundamental in order to achieve good results and for this reason we have specialised in three main fields at our centre.

We differentiate between and apply different protocols for the  fisioterapia para tratar dolor, lesiones o dolores crónicosthe sports physiotherapy or the physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Within all these specialties of physiotherapy is integrated the advanced medical technology equipment and appliances available at the centre, both for diagnosis and for the application of specific treatments.

nutrition tailored to your goals

The nutrition service at ROOTS Center is a complement and a health enhancer of the rest of the centre's services. Knowing all the tools that nutrition offers us as a service is essential to learn, apply and improve.

It is focused on the elaboration of nutritional plans adapted to the objectives of each user, highlighting the sports nutritiondesigned for sportsmen and women who want to improve their performance, and the nutrition for weight loss.

Beyond the initial assessment, ROOTS Center's nutrition service is always mindful of teaching users how to eat correctly, knowing the foods and making a shopping list according to the nutritional guidelines defined for each person.

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